Natural High Blood Pressure Alternatives

High blood pressure is a serious condition that can be fatal if not treated and yet blood pressure medications can have serious side effects. This article will discuss natural high blood pressure alternatives that may help to lower blood pressure naturally. Specifically I will tell you about the natural alternative to lower high blood pressure that worked for me. In addition I’m going to give you my 7 step program to lower high blood pressure naturally.

Like many people I didn’t realize that I had high blood pressure until it was picked up in a physical examination for life insurance. I was more than a bit surprised when the nurse asked “have you always had high blood pressure?” I immediately assumed that she had made a mistake and asked her to take my blood pressure again. Unfortunately the results were the same. We waited 5 minuets and checked yet a third time. Sure enough, I had high blood pressure and didn’t know it. Even though my blood pressure was on the low end of the high blood pressure scale, the results were enough increase my life insurance premiums by 400%.

I thought to myself “This can’t be happening, I’m a fit guy, I’m not overweight and I don’t eat junk food. This can’t be happening to me”.

I chalked that episode off to stress and didn’t follow up with a doctor’s visit until two years latter. To my disbelief nothing had changed, I still had high blood pressure and my doctor was writing a prescription. I explained that I was not comfortable with taking drugs and stated that I was going to look into the side effects of the medication before filling the script. Latter that evening I read a long list of possible side effects none of which were pleasant and I carefully weighed the risk of both taking and not taking the medication.

If you are new to high blood pressure medications, some of the possible side effects are




Weight loss or weight gain

Weakness or drowsiness

Nervousness or anxiety

Chest pain

Skin rash

Cough or flu like symptoms

Sexual dysfunction

As I read the list of possible side effects of the blood pressure medication I felt myself becoming even more anxious. I’ve always believed in taking care of myself and whenever possible I will explore a natural alternative before taking any prescription medication.

Thus began my research into natural alternatives to lower high blood pressure. I was confident that there had to be a natural alternative to blood pressure medications and was desperate to find it. My wife didn’t share my enthusiasm and insisted that I fill the prescription and follow my doctors’ orders. It seems that she actually loves me and wasn’t anxious to collect the proceeds of my expensive life insurance policy. To her credit, my wife is an RN and a firm believer in the efficacy of Western medicine. I on the other hand am a pharmaceutical skeptic and am disgusted with the non stop drug advertisements that fill the air waves. To put it kindly, she was angry with me for not immediately filling the script. Her arguments often began with “If you loved me” In my defense, let me remove any doubt by boldly proclaiming to the world that I do love my wife. Having said that I am also a man of principle and I don’t take my beliefs lightly. After some debate we agreed to take my blood pressure regularly while I embarked on my quest for a natural alternative to lower my high blood pressure.